2016 Ragley Bigwig and B+ / 27.5+ Setup

From the moment we heard the new 2016 Ragley Bigwig frame was 27.5×3.0 ready we couldn’t wait to give it a go, but so many questions..

What kind of clearance would it have? What forks would you fit? How can we bring the cost down a bit?

Well now we have answers! The clearance is great, you can see there is tons of space around both the chainstays and seatstays. These are with full 3.0″ WTB tyres (Bridger and Trailboss combo) on 40mm internal rims. Happy days. Our demo bike should be ready over the next few days, and these wheels will be available to try on that.

Fork clearance – we have tried these on non-boost 2016 Pike 29″ and 2016 36 Float 29″, it’s tight but usable, you could just about squeeze a mudguard in there as well. Not ideal, but fine if you already have a set of 29er forks.

We have brought the cost down by twinning the newly released DT Swiss XM551 rims with a package we can offer at a better price than previously available wheelset kits.

If you like the look of this we have offers on both the wheelset on it’s own, and a Bigwig/Wheelset package:

2016 Transition Patrol Demo Bike Is Here!

It seems like we have been waiting for forever and a day, and for some reason Transition still don’t have it live on their site, but the Patrol Carbon demo bike is finally here and it looks fantastic! It will be with us here in Edinburgh all year, and it’s a medium Build 2. Frames retail for £2599 and this build is £4999, or a little bit cheaper after we integrate our rolling chassis offer.

The weather is a bit grim just now, but the crisp snowy trails are just around the corner so get in touch to book a demo if you are anywhere near Edinburgh, central belt, Glasgow or the Tweed Valley… or anywhere really! We have people coming from far and wide for our demo goodness.

This also completes our Transition demo fleet for 2016, meaning we have a Patrol Carbon Medium, Scout Alloy Large, Smuggler Medium ready to go all year.

We will also be running a Banshee Rune in Large, Ragley Blue Pig in Medium… and?? Who knows. We have room for about seven in our snazzy new shop.

Oh hang on… did we say Scout Alloy? But… that means… there might be a carbon??

Transition Patrol Carbon – In Stock NOW!

Yep you read that right. They still aren’t live on the Transition website but our first batch of frames are in stock and looking good. Pretty stunning in fact!

This means our demo will be built up soon – we just need to send it off to be used for the Invisiframe template then it should be built over next weekend (5th/6th December) and a first ride report to follow just after that, fingers crossed for good weather Monday 7th!

Our demo bike is going to be a Medium, get in touch to book if you want to see what all the fuss is about. The next delivery is arriving in January, so just enough time to get through the festive period and order a new frame to tie in with the days getting a bit longer.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the Pedals Bike Care on the other side!

Yes, it’s true (some of you may have already noticed), the Pedals workshop has officially relocated to a new abode.

You can now find us at:

Pedals, 7 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4HN

Literally a stone throw from our old workshop (opposite the BP station entrance). Now with more than enough room to swing a modestly sized child s’ bike in; which means (hopefully) no more queuing outside as we’ve effectively quadrupled the shop space!

We will still be offering ALL the same services as before, possibly with a few new ones, at the same affordable prices and fast turnaround. We’re also able to expand our range of parts and accessories, giving you more options.

As well as all that, we will be increasing our fleet of demo bikes across our brands, giving more choices of models and sizes to try before you buy! Woohoo!

Please do come and see us and tell us what you think of our lovely new shop. It was a very enjoyable 5 years in the old workshop, so here’s to the next!

Shop Front Crop

2016 Yeti Cycles Launch

With the arrival of Eurobike, one of the biggest trade and consumer events in the UK comes a whole raft of bike launches and this year Yeti chose it to launch their new hardware as well.

So what is new? Well the one that seems to be stealing most of the limelight is the new SB4.5c..

SB4.5c – an entirely new platform that merges the light weight but downhill capable linkage and frame design from last years SB5c with the one-true-trail wheelsize of 29″. Sharing very similar geometry figures with some of our most popular bikes like the Banshee Phantom and Transition Smuggler, but packaging them in a frame that weighs only 5.5lbs including the shock needless to say we are super keen to ride this. We may even get a demo bike for the year if we have some interest, so let us know if you want to try this out.

Full bikes arriving September with an RRP of £5999 and a pre-order price of £5699 for deposits paid before September 15th. Frames arriving a little later and with an RRP of £2999, pre order price £2699 for deposits paid before 31st Jan 2016.  But that’s not all – scroll past the pictures for more!


CHEAP YETI BIKES! – Well, cheapER anyway. Almost hidden amongst the the flashy new whips were these two new versions of the popular SB5c and ASRc. Dubbed the new ‘Enduro’ models they really don’t have much to do with Enduro but everything to do with value. Same geometry as the main bikes, same strength and stiffness but around 200g heavier due to different qualities of carbon paired with slightly lower spec build kits these new bikes give 95% of the performance of the higher end versions but leaving a load more cash in your pocket.

SB5c ‘Enduro’ £4299 (Standard version £5899 for comparison)

ASRc ‘Enduro’ £3599 (Standard version £5099)

These are available to pre order now with an expected delivery date of ‘soon’, so hopefully way before the festive holidays.



SB6c 30th Anniversary Edition – So you already make one of the best enduro race bikes in the world but you want to celebrate your big three zero, what do you do? Take your frame, give it internal cable routing, update the rear dropouts and paint it in your best ‘Heritage’ decals, and colour match ALL the kit. Oh yeah and that kit has to be the best possible.

RRP £6999, and mostly sold out already after two days BUT if you like the look of this let us know! There are still a few available but be quick.




2016 Transition Pre Order

We are now taking pre-orders for all of the new 2016 Transition Bikes products.

Want a frame? Use this link to put down a £100 deposit – 2016 Transition Frame Deposit  Just let us know which frame, size and colour at checkout and we will message you back to confirm.

Want a full bike? Get in touch to chat through availability.

2016 Transition Carbon Patrol

Woah there! What a thing to wake up to, the first pictures of the new Transition Bikes Carbon Patrol. Thanks Vital! And well done Lars n Bars, way to leave you bike in photogenic poses by accident.

Head over there to check out their full slideshow – Vital MTB Spy Shots 

We will release more details when we can but if this is enough to have you sold (and we don’t blame you, it looks ace) then head over to our frame deposit page – 2016 Transition Frame Deposit 



2016 Transition Bikes + Frames Preview

Well well well.. what do we have here? With full announcements of the 2016 Transition Bikes range coming over the next few days, and some other shops showing pictures of the new products from Core Bike Live, we thought that a few pictures here and there wouldn’t land us in much trouble!? Fingers crossed.

There are some pretty good things on the way this (next?) year, we are really looking forward to working with them again to bring some of the best bikes around and set them free to roam out in the wilds. Big thanks to all our customers from this year as well, it makes all the hard work worth it when you see people out riding having a great time! (it never stops for us – this is my Sunday night!)

Right then, what do you want to know? A couple of things are still under wraps until Crankworx, so forgive the obvious missing bike (that is most likely the reason you are looking!).  One of the biggest changes for 2016 is the introduction of complete bikes, pre-assembled, at great price points.


Scout_Kit_1_AngleThe Scout frameset remains the same price at £1399, with full builds from £2699 to £4899 (for the ‘almost like our perfect custom build’ shown above). BB has been raised 4mm, and a slightly more progressive shock tune, but everything else remains the same. And rightly so, it’s nearly perfect.


Patrol_Alloy_Kit 2_Angle

Patrol frame goes up a tiny bit to £1549, but otherwise remains the same with just some Bold New Graphics. And it does look ace. Doesn’t that make it seem like a great idea to pick up one of our clearance 2015 frames for £1275???



2016 Smuggler remains £1399, gets the same BB and shock tune treatment as the Scout, and is available in this sexy stealth! Trail. Weapon.

Over the next few days we will be releasing more details and launching our online frame and bike deposit function, but if you want to get in line earlier to secure your frame get in touch. £100 deposit for frames, £200 for bikes, fully refundable if you change your mind (before September 15th anyway)

We have loads of frames on pre-order, with the first delivery arriving September. That isn’t very long now! WELCOME TO THE FUTURE

TransAM275_Complete_Orange_Angle Smuggler_Detail_3 Scout_Detail_3

First Ride, First Impressions, First Race.

2015 marks my third year racing for Pedals Bike Care, after 2014 being somewhat marred by a serious head injury at the start of the year I only managed a few races throughout the year. However, after a solid winter of training and some savings in the bank I will be racing a lot more this year and hopefully making a bit more noise as I do it. I will be competing in most rounds of the Scottish Enduro Series and four rounds of the Enduro World Series along with a few other select events. On the weekend of the 28th/29th of March I took part in the Tweedlove Vallelujah event and this marked the first outing for me on my new bike, a ‘Safety Orange’ Transition Patrol. This was my second race of the season, having raced the SES Round 1 at Innerleithen on the shop’s Banshee Spitfire demo bike, a great bike but having owned a size large last year the medium proved a little cramped over the race weekend! Still better than not racing and I managed a 13th place in Elite in my first outing in that category.


At the beginning of the week it was uncertain whether I would race, but the search for a late entry proved successful and after a bit of a last minute build from James after the bike arrived two days before the race all was sorted.  I went into the shop on the Friday around midday to collect it. Having selected the Transition Patrol Build 2, we agreed to upgrade the wheels to some Hope Pro 2 hubs on WTB KOM rims. A couple other changes to the stock bike included the addition of some ODI SDG grips – a personal favourite, and also changing out the Scwalbe Rock Razer rear tyre for something a little more Scottish Sludge friendly.We also fitted the MRP AMg Chain Guide for full chain security and for those chainring rock moments that tend to occur when you are hanging on a technical stage.


The build of the bike as stock is pretty dialled with the fantastic SLX brakes on stopping duties and a Sram X1 drivetrain meaning a nice easy bottom gear for the transitions and a decent top gear for sprinting down fireroad (stage three I’m talking about you). Rockshox Pike upfront and Monarch Debonair out back also a great choice. Only negative for me is the rather long 175mm cranks, perhaps it is my XC and Road background but 170mm cranks are more my cup of tea. I’ll probably change them out for something a little shorter in the not too distant future

Blog 2

After getting the bars cut down from a monstrous 800mm width down to a manageable 760mm, the bike was ready to roll. After a couple skids, endos and wheelies round the block I immediately felt at home on the bike. A quick setup of suspension pressure, two magic tokens into the Rockshox Pikes and an extra spacer under the stem and I was ready for the weekend.


After arriving in Selkirk Saturday morning myself and two friends headed out for a lap of the circuit, as stage 1 was removed from the race due to the weather we headed up to stage two which started at the top of The Three Brethren. First impressions climbing the bike was that it put me in a very comfortable climbing position, the size large felt spot on in terms of reach and the seat angle being suitably steep put me in a great position for spinning the pedals. Standing just under 5 Foot 10 and being surprisingly lanky for my height the bike felt the perfect size, I know I tend to favour slightly larger bikes that allow me to run a nice short stem, having ridden and owned mediums in the past I know they don’t fit quite right, this size large Patrol felt ideal. A lot has been made about the Giddy Up platform being a big improvement over Transitions old platform. Having previously owned a Transition Bandit I can definitely vouch for this improved pedalling. I still felt the need to flip the lever to pedal mode for prolonged smooth climbs as I often move in and out the saddle while climbing but happily rode the suspension fully open for singletrack climbs and rolling terrain with no noticeable pedal bob.


First time riding the bike in anger was my first practise run down stage 2 and hitting the early turns in the stage and letting the bike slide felt fantastic. The bike felt super stable at speed but I felt comfortable throwing it from one turn into the next. Transition definitely know how to make a fun bike. The bike felt super solid and predictable and I quickly forgot about it and could focus on the trail.


Practise of stage 3 and stage 4 passed without major incident, first crash on the bike came on stage 3, a wee crash in practise being a good indication that I need to reign it in a little. Stage 4 featured some extremely tough pedalling at the start, a few tricky flat bogs and off cambers before dropping into an extremely technical rutted mess. I was thankful for the 150mm drop Reverb seatpost that came with the bike which meant getting off the back of the bike was nice and easy.


All in a great first ride on the bike. I was delighted with the bikes on the ups and the downs and I felt ready and excited for race day.


A pasta dinner and an early night in the van ensured all was in place for Sunday.


After being set off at 8.55am the weather was a lot milder than predicted and it was nice to remove the jacket going up the first climb, it remained in the bag for the rest of the day. I managed a largely uneventful race and rode solid and consistently throughout the stages.


Stage 2 (9th Senior)


The sun was shining at the top of the Three Brethrens and I sprinted into the stage and nailed all the top turns and the narrow high speed pedal passed without issue. The bottom section was a bit loose with a few clipped out wild moments but a solid stage in testing conditions, the overnight rain definitely helped this stage as it thinned out the mud a little. Having dibbed at the end I almost flipped the bars trying to roll away again as the heavy braking to stop had caused both my wheels to fully succumb to the mud and both wheels were fully clogged.


Stage 3 (6th Senior)


With the filming drone buzzing overhead I again sprinted into the stage and kept it smooth over the first turns, I felt quick on the traverse and remembered to slow down for a tricky multi line right hander. I maxed out the bikes top gear sprinting down the slightly longer than remembered fire road then dropped into the bottom section and kept it smooth to the line. Taking my best placing in the race in the process.


Stage 4 (7th Senior)


In practise I decided this stage was all about pacing, the top section was a technical pedal weaving through the trees with rock gardens, roots and  mud in plentiful supply. Easy to go to deep and end up burst and lacking focus further down. I kept it smooth and felt pretty fit up top, whilst the middle bogs were a bit of a slog but I managed to stay on the bike throughout and emptied myself on the last incline before dropping into the muddy ruts that awaited. Again a few wild feet unclipped moments but largely solid and I crossed the line happy to have no major incidents. Another good stage that had a bit of everything. Standing at the end watching other riders this stage thoroughly captured the spirit of enduro with some chaos, carnage and camaraderie unfolding as riders piled up on the last two turns.


At the end of the weekend I ended up 7th Senior and 10th Overall out of 383 finishers. Happy with that as I am getting closer to those top boys. It says a lot for the Transition Patrol that I happily jumped onto it and raced it consistently over 3 very testing stages. I felt strong and fresh on the last stage after two big days out on the bike and the bike handled everything the race threw at me. It is a ridiculously capable bike and I cannot wait to ride it at some other venues. Next event is the Student Downhill Championships at Innerleithen. Looking forward to tucking in the elbows and slapping some turns there.

Blog 3

Sales Sales Sales!


Time to clear out a bit of space in the workshop so it’s sale list-o-rama time again. Mostly ‘going off’ over on Pinkbike but we will get them added to the web shop ASAP. Head over to our Pinkbike page to see all the cheapness:

Pinkbike Offers Page