2016 Banshee AMP Frame

£500.00 £485.00

  • 26″ Wheeled Dirt Jump/4X Frame
  • Regular or Long Sizing
  • Short Chainstays!
  • Stiff and Strong
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Product Description

Banshees 26″ wheeled jump frame – we will let designer Keith do the talking:

“I actually designed the amp because I wanted a jump bike, and didn’t like any options that were out there. For me a jump bike has to be light, tight and strong. Not many options out there tick all 3 boxes in my opinion, so I got to work. My motto is ‘strength in simplicity’ there is no reason to add unnecessary complexity and extra cost to a jump frame, so I kept things bare bones for the Amp.

With input for a couple of our sponsored dirt jump riders, and testing several variations of the frame I figured out geometry. Keeping the chainstay short and the front of the bike low by using integrated headset makes the bike feel really flickable in the air, and easy to throw into corners and pump through sections. Once the geo was dialed I then set about making it as light and strong as possible. Using internally ribbed seat and chainstays I kept the frame stiff and predictable, and by removing material where stresses were lowest I kept the frame super light. I believe that it is one of the lightest frames out there that can actually take abuse… sure I could have gone lighter, but I don’t want customers to have to deal with cracked frames all the time… trust me I have ridden and cracked a few frames in my time before Banshee, and know what a hassle it is.

The Amp is a blast to ride, it is super low and aggressive, and gives you crazy pop off lips and rails round berms. The low standover and light and tight package makes tricks like no foot cans, tail whips and 3’s a breeze. And you know that you can trust the frame when it comes to the odd sketchy landing. To become a true ripper you need confidence, and the Amp will give you that confidence!”

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Regular, Long


Black/Orange, Green/Lilac