2016 Banshee Rune Frame

£1,830.00 £1,199.00

  • 160mm Rear
  • Longer!
  • Lower!
  • Slacker!
  • 160-170mm Fork
  • Reverb Stealth Routing
  • 26 or 27.5″ Wheels
  • Adjustable Geometry
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Longer, lower, slacker for 2016, Keith has designed the best Rune so far.

The Rune is the Spitfires bigger brother, with 160mm rear wheel travel, 64.5 degree HA (lower possible with angle adjust headset), super stiff frame and efficient pedaling platform. Designer Keith says:

“I designed the Rune as a true explorers bike. It has the performance to make exploring new terrain easy and enjoyable, allows the rider to explore the limits of their ability, and to help them progress in confidence and ability. Lots of bikes out there shout claims of being “all mountain” bikes, but I have ridden a lot of them, and found them lacking. Most of them feel like wet noodles when you are pushing it and riding hard due to the frames flexing underneath you, and very few are equally capable of going both up and down challenging terrain.

For the Rune, I wanted the stiffness of a freeride bike but without the weight, as well as the pedaling efficiency of an XC bike. By carefully designing the frame both in terms of structural integrity and rigidity, and carefully planning the axle path, anti-squat and leverage ratio, I have created the bike that I had in my mind. If I had only one bike, it would be a Rune. I am happy riding this bike for 40 mile all day epics, as well as shredding down DH courses boosting jumps and railing berms.

Everyone has a slightly different opinion of what an all mountain bike should be. So in order to keep everyone happy, I made the Rune a versatile bike by adding a taper head tube. This allows riders to change the bike feel and geometry not only by changing between traditional and zero stack headsets to suit their fork choice, but it also opens up the option of using angle reducer cups if you want to slacken and lower the bike a for more DH feel.

The Rune can truly do it all. It can climb with the lycra brigade, and descend with armor clad full facers, but most of all the Rune is a bike that will put a smile on your face every time you ride it.”

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Stealth Black, Gunmetal/Yellow, Red/Blue

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