2018 Rocky Mountain UK Sale – Bikes Added!

We managed to sneak a few more seconds to update our sale bikes, now the Element has been added and the Powerplay C50 removed (sold out!)

The Element is a great bike, in fact it was our most popular Rocky last year! But who wants an XC bike? Well, it’s not really just an XC bike. It can be, sure. We have built them sub 24lbs, but where this really excels is light weight long rides with fun downhills. Welcome to #downcountry! Silly hashtags aside this is a style of riding really popular in Scotland and throughout the UK, lightweight trail bikes can be a lot of fun. Also makes a great bikepacking machine.

This one takes two bottles, one 500ml and one 750ml, a dropper post (standard on the C70) and is a whole lot of fun to ride. We have a medium demo bike available, get in touch if you want to test it.

2018 Rocky Mountain Element C70 RRP £5199 Sale £4250 

2018 Rocky Mountain Element C50 RRP £3699 Sale £2999

Second focus is the 2018 Altitude C50 – Carbon front end Alu rear end.

Limited time offer on this – we need to clear some space for 2019 colours and are feeling a little silly so for a limited time only all remaining C50 stock can be yours for only £2999!

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude C50 RRP £3999 Offer Price £2999

Finance price £3199.


Last up, SLAYERS! No changes since last week, prices remain the same and with only three bikes left they are running out fast. We also just like posting pictures of SLAYERS. These bikes rock hard. If they don’t all go soon. I might buy one. Or a 2019. Honestly, SLAYERS! Are you still reading? Go and look at SLAYERS.

2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer C30 – RRP £3999 Sale £3299

2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer C50 – RRP £4499 Sale £3699

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