2018 Rondo Ruut UK Stock Update – We have bikes!

After the Rondo bikes landed here back in November feedback has been amazing, with fine examples of all four versions flying out the door!  Great to see everyone enjoying these new bikes, and we love ours too, spending a lot of time on the new CF2 and our old faithful ‘NS RAG+’ bikes (the Rondo AL, minus the nice paint and improved fork).

Reviews are also coming in a bit faster as well, with the new Ruuts getting great press left right and centre. And we are one of the only places to still have the CF2 in stock.

We have a medium CF2 available for off road demos, and currently one AL, one ST, and one CF2 on display in store.

Now the dust has settled and our pre-orders fulfilled what are we left with? Well, very low stock to be honest! As expected, the CF2 has been very popular with all sizes in the UK sold out until the next delivery except 59cm, HOWEVER – we stored what we could and have one 53cm and one 56cm left in stock, ready to ship now from our basement of glory. See here – Rondo CF2 – for up to date stock. Other models are a little better, we still have a mix of STs and ALs in stock and ready to ship, with more available to order from Rondo UK including the CF1, although numbers are getting low so make contact if you are keen and want one before summer!

We don’t currently have a date for the next delivery of Ruuts, or the new Hvrt all-road bike, happy to place pre-orders to secure bikes if you are OK to wait! And after leaving myself adventure-bike-less for three months while waiting for my CF2, I can tell you it was worth it. Honestly one of the most comfortable carbon adventure bikes around.

Rondo Ruut AL Stock

Rondo Ruut ST Stock 

Rondo Ruut CF2 Stock 

Rondo Ruut CF1 Stock 

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