About Us

Pedals is Edinburgh's premier eco-conscious bicycle service and repair workshop. Since opening in 2010 we have become one of Edinburgh's most successful and trusted bike service centres.

Providing the cycling community with a welcoming, friendly shop to bring their bikes to receive high quality, personable and comprehensive services that won't cost the Earth...or your savings.

We are James and Ryan; two friends very passionate about cycling and the environment. Proud of our knowledge and experience of bicycle servicing, repair and maintenance. We have a collective experience of nearly two decades in the bike industry; working in various shops, workshops and world class locations.

Pedals offers services for all manner of bicycles, suspension and hydraulic bike technologies. Our workshop is fully fitted with all the tooling and spares needed for bike repairs, bearing replacing, frame preparation etc.

Bicycle servicing isn't always kind to the planet but at Pedals we are taking steps to make it as ecologically sound as it can be. Our philosophy directs us to recycle 95%+ of our workshop waste, promote environmentally friendly bike brands and produce and dismiss current disposable-attitudes.

Unfortunately not all bike shops are 'green' and the practice of repairing bikes not always environmentally friendly.

Fortunately WE aren't your ordinary bike shop...

Pedals believes in low impact and sustainability; we strive to repair rather than replace wherever possible, utilising a full range of high quality tools and bio-degradable lubricants from companies who share our ethos (thanks Pedro's and Green Oil). We have fitted our workshop with as many recycled/re-used parts as possible - our highly stylish and ergonomic front desk is a mash-up of donated wood and second hand kitchen units.

Our workshop has a full waste/by-product recycling system in place, successfully avoiding sending 95+% of waste to landfill. All metal is taken by our friends at The Bike Station, cardboard and plastic handled by Changeworks and a small collection of community projects and crafters make good use of tyres and inner tubes.