2018 Rocky Mountain UK Sale – Bikes Added!

We managed to sneak a few more seconds to update our sale bikes, now the Element has been added and the Powerplay C50 removed (sold out!)

The Element is a great bike, in fact it was our most popular Rocky last year! But who wants an XC bike? Well, it’s not really just an XC bike. It can be, sure. We have built them sub 24lbs, but where this really excels is light weight long rides with fun downhills. Welcome to #downcountry! Silly hashtags aside this is a style of riding really popular in Scotland and throughout the UK, lightweight trail bikes can be a lot of fun. Also makes a great bikepacking machine.

This one takes two bottles, one 500ml and one 750ml, a dropper post (standard on the C70) and is a whole lot of fun to ride. We have a medium demo bike available, get in touch if you want to test it.

2018 Rocky Mountain Element C70 RRP £5199 Sale £4250 

2018 Rocky Mountain Element C50 RRP £3699 Sale £2999

Second focus is the 2018 Altitude C50 – Carbon front end Alu rear end.

Limited time offer on this – we need to clear some space for 2019 colours and are feeling a little silly so for a limited time only all remaining C50 stock can be yours for only £2999!

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude C50 RRP £3999 Offer Price £2999

Finance price £3199.


Last up, SLAYERS! No changes since last week, prices remain the same and with only three bikes left they are running out fast. We also just like posting pictures of SLAYERS. These bikes rock hard. If they don’t all go soon. I might buy one. Or a 2019. Honestly, SLAYERS! Are you still reading? Go and look at SLAYERS.

2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer C30 – RRP £3999 Sale £3299

2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer C50 – RRP £4499 Sale £3699

2018 Rocky Mountain UK Bike Sale

It’s that time of year again, and as we step ever closer to next years colours arriving we need to clear some space. With only small changes to spec and colours next year this is a great chance to pick up a bargain on a 2018 Rocky Mountain.

We have big discounts on Altitude Powerplays, non-electric Altitudes, Slayers and Element completes.

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude A30 – RRP £2799 Now £2299

2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer C50 RRP £4499 Now £3699

2018 Rocky Mountain Slayer C30 RRP £3999 Now £3299

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude C70 Ex Demo RRP £4999 Now £3499 

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude C50 RRP £3999 Now £3299

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude C70 RRP £4999 Now £4150

2018 Rocky Mountain Altiude C90 RRP £6999 Now £5699

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay C50 RRP £5999 Now £4999

2018 Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay C70 RRP £6999 Now £5699


Rondo Ruut ST Sale / Special Offer

The days are getting longer, the nights brighter, and while in Scotland we have yet to see any real rise in temperature thoughts are still turning to long gravel adventures on drop bar bikes. What better way to celebrate than with a limited time sale on Rondo Ruut steel bikes – all sizes of steel ST bikes are now the same price as the aluminium AL bikes – £1699 so if you have been watching these for a while it’s time to make your move!

Rondo Ruut ST Bikes – Was £1999 Now £1699


2018 Rondo Ruut UK Stock Update – We have bikes!

After the Rondo bikes landed here back in November feedback has been amazing, with fine examples of all four versions flying out the door!  Great to see everyone enjoying these new bikes, and we love ours too, spending a lot of time on the new CF2 and our old faithful ‘NS RAG+’ bikes (the Rondo AL, minus the nice paint and improved fork).

Reviews are also coming in a bit faster as well, with the new Ruuts getting great press left right and centre. And we are one of the only places to still have the CF2 in stock.

We have a medium CF2 available for off road demos, and currently one AL, one ST, and one CF2 on display in store.

Now the dust has settled and our pre-orders fulfilled what are we left with? Well, very low stock to be honest! As expected, the CF2 has been very popular with all sizes in the UK sold out until the next delivery except 59cm, HOWEVER – we stored what we could and have one 53cm and one 56cm left in stock, ready to ship now from our basement of glory. See here – Rondo CF2 – for up to date stock. Other models are a little better, we still have a mix of STs and ALs in stock and ready to ship, with more available to order from Rondo UK including the CF1, although numbers are getting low so make contact if you are keen and want one before summer!

We don’t currently have a date for the next delivery of Ruuts, or the new Hvrt all-road bike, happy to place pre-orders to secure bikes if you are OK to wait! And after leaving myself adventure-bike-less for three months while waiting for my CF2, I can tell you it was worth it. Honestly one of the most comfortable carbon adventure bikes around.

Rondo Ruut AL Stock

Rondo Ruut ST Stock 

Rondo Ruut CF2 Stock 

Rondo Ruut CF1 Stock 

Rondo Ruut CF – Key Bike Of 2018

BikeRadar Rondo Ruut Review

BikeRadar CF2 First Ride

Granfondo CF2 Review


2018 Orbea Rallon M10 In Stock Now

Well it has been a long time coming but we finally have the new 2018 Orbea Rallon M10 in stock, both Small/Medium and Large in stock and ready to ship. They are both stock M10 bikes but other upgrades can be added if needed. Get in touch and let us know what you want! Demo bike available, it’s a large M10 as shown above/below, get in touch if you want to book a test.

2018 Orbea Rallon M10 Large Blue/Mint

2018 Orbea Rallon M10 S/M Purple

Small discounts added to encourage taking stock bikes over creating your own MyO bike 🙂

Rondo Ruut UK Bikes In Stock

Pretty big news for us today, the long awaited Rondo Ruut full build bikes are mere days away from landing at Planet Pedals, and we should have them checked and ready for collection/postage late this week or early next.

They have already proved really popular with only very low stock levels available after all the pre-orders have been filled. To give you some idea there were low single figure quantities left in most sizes and spec levels last Tuesday, so some options may have already sold out..

If you have been mulling over one of these during the last few months email us at shop@pedalsbikecare.co.uk or call 0131 629 6065 and we can have a chat.

£200 Deposit reserves a bike – or pay in full and we will get it on the way ASAP – Rondo Bike Deposit

We will try and have a few sizes and spec options in stock and available for street test rides and sizing, along with a CF2 medium demo bike for off road testing.

Rondo Ruut Alu – £1699

Rondo Ruut Steel – £1999

Rondo Ruut CF2 – £2699

Rondo Ruut CF1 – £3299

2018 Rondo Ruut UK In Stock SOON

We are now only a few days away from the new Rondo Ruut gravel/adventure bikes arriving in the UK, our website has been updated with full spec listings and the cycling media has been out testing them.

Rondo Ruut AL / Rondo Ruut ST / Rondo Ruut CF2 / Rondo Ruut CF1

Click through to our web items for new detailed product images and full specs. Bikes are arriving with us over the next week or two, and hopefully we will usually have at least one example of each frame material to view in the shop and road test, with a medium CF2 available to be booked for off road testing.

Bikes can be reserved over the phone or with our deposit item – Rondo Bike Deposit – using paypal checkout for £200

Feast your eyes on some media highlights:

CX Magazine

Rondo.cc (click link for full catalog)

BikeRadar Ruut CF2 First Ride

Grit CX First Ride

2018 Orbea Rallon UK Demo Bike and Free Stock

Phworrrr! What do we have here then. Must be our first 2018 Orbea Rallon bike, and this one is a demo. It’s a large M10, shown totally stock save the addition of a Problem Solvers brake mount to get that GX Eagle shifter onto the Shimano brake clamp.

This one is a Rallon M10 that retails at £3899 for the full bike. Pretty phenomenal for a very high quality carbon frame, Fox Factory rear shock and Performance 36’s, SRAM GX Eagle, 30mm internal DT Swiss wheelset inc 2.5 WT front tyre and lovely Raceface finishing kit. With a lifetime warranty. Pretty much race ready out of the box!

New orders on these bikes are now for delivery December/Jan, but we do have limited stock on order and arriving over the next few weeks. Bikes can be reserved with the £200 bike deposit item here – Orbea Bike Deposit or call/message us for a chat to find out what’s coming and when.

We will have a S/M demo bike here before the end of September, and Large and XL stock bikes in store within two weeks.

Get in touch to book a demo, full ride report on Monday night after we have done our weekends ‘testing’!

Rocky Mountain 2018 Web Items, Offers + Demo Bikes

A short while ago we welcomed Rocky Mountain into our shop. After keeping a close eye on them for a while and being fans for many years we watched the change to full bearing pivot systems along with the award winning reviews and became very interested indeed! The 2018 Altitude sealed the deal, released to almost universal critical acclaim we just had to get them in ASAP!

So where are we now? The first batch of Altitudes have arrived, and we have a Carbon 50 Large in stock right now, along with our demo. Orders now being taken for other size + colour options and the Powerplay e-bike. Rocky are on the verge of launching a few brand new 29ers (shhh!) with more information in the next few weeks, along with the new colour options on the Element and Slayer frames.

Full 2018 range can be seen here – Rocky Mountain Complete Bikes

Currently as demo bikes we have the Altitude 70 in Large as shown above, along with the Element Marathon/Trail 29er in Medium. If you want to try something we don’t have just get in touch and we can usually get one sent up from Rocky for a decent days riding down in the Tweed Valley.  We have been spending quite a bit of time aboard the Element and have come away very impressed, a really fast and fun bike that’s just perfect if you enjoy long climbs and technical downhills.

To welcome in the new 2018 range we have made some offers on remaining 2017 stock based around frame only.

2017 Element Frame – RRP £2699 Offer Price £1999 – Small Medium and Large Available

2017 Slayer Frame – RRP £3099 Offer Price £2699 – Small Only

The 2018 range is set to be very popular, with the first batch of Altitudes selling out in 5 days when they lunched in the UK! As usual we can take deposit payments to reserve bikes, get in touch if you want up to date delivery information.

Rondo Ruut Stock + UK Demo Bikes

It has seemed like a long wait since we first laid eyes on the new Rondo bike ranage. If you haven’t seen our posts about these before they are a new brand from the brains of the NS Bikes owner Szymond, Polish producers of some of the finest dirt jump and trail mountain bikes around, that we just happen to be big fans of.. I got my first NS nearly 10 years ago!

When we saw their NS RAG+ gravel/adventure bike we knew it was going to be a lot of fun. Light alu frame, carbon fork, SRAM 1x wide range gearing and dual 700×40 and 27.5×2.2 wheel and tyre size options. Perfect. So, we all bought them. There are four people currently working or riding for our small shop, and we all have one! Two in stock 700×40, two in 27.5×2.2 with mountain bike tyres.

Then they announced Rondo, a new gravel focused brand to really show off their skills at designing great drop bar bikes. Four bikes, three frame materials, all share the same carbon fork and geometry.

Everything is available with 0% deposit, just get in touch on 0131 629 6065 or send us a message.

Grit CX have just been over to Poland for a first ride (thanks for some pictures, sorry, they were really good!) so make sure to click through and have a read, although their prices are wrong. Our order form has them cheaper 😉

Grit CX Rondo First Ride

We have the bikes up on our web shop with first delivery in 4-6 weeks (‘September’):

Rondo Bikes

And you can place a deposit to reserve with our bike deposit item:

Rondo Bike Deposit

Aluminum – £1599

Very much a tweaked version of the NS RAG frame, with improved cable routing, updated build kit and the new fork. Plus that paint job looks so so good! Tiny bit cheaper than the RAG.

Steel – £1999 Frameset £999

Borrowing everything NS know about making a great steel frame and using the Rondo geometry to make a fantastic adventure bike. Using Tange tubing they have a solid track record of making fantastic steel bikes at a good weight, this is sure to be a winner for people aiming at more compliance than the alu but a little more workhorse than the dreamy dainty carbon build. Also features Salsa-style anything cage mounts on the downtube, ace!

Carbon CF2 £2599 CF1 £3199 Frameset £1700

Bikes like these are crying out for the smooth ride and light weight of a carbon fibre frame, but that usually comes at a high cost like the (amazing!) Salsa Warbird frameset at £2000. With the CF2 at £2599, while it isn’t quite in the cycle to work bracket it’s certainly a little more attainable, and it certainly doesn’t sacrifice quality to get there. These are really nice frames, super light and very well finished, and may well form the basis of our test bikes.