2018 Orbea Rallon UK Launch and Demo

This time last week all we knew was ’29er Rallon’, and look how far we have come! Released yesterday to all-round approval from the media and online commentators, having ridden and played with it ourselves we are VERY keen for these to come in. We are living a life post-enduraline. So what do you need to know?

Three offical models in the UK, £3899 £5699 and £6899 plus our own ‘M-Pedals’ spec at £4499 for air or £4799 for coil.

See our web items for Orbea Rallon M10, M-Team, M-LTD or use our £200 deposit item to reserve any bike while we chat through options. Get in touch for more information.

M-Pedals Custom Build:

Lifetime warranty, MyO custom colour program available at no extra cost. 29″ wheels, 160mm front 150mm rear travel. Efficient pedalling, fun downhill and oh so capable. Check our some full reviews here:

Pinkbike Rallon Review 

Vital MTB Rallon 

Bike Mag Rallon 

We have our first bikes on order and will have one of the first demo bikes in the UK as well, with the first delivery expected in early September.

Pre-orders are now being taken and the first custom MyO are expected to be ready at the same time, so no delay for custom colour options!

2017 Transition Throttle & Vanquish

Ohhh we love hardtails, they are just loads of fun and make people go ‘whooo’ if you do a big jump or ride something steep on one in an impressive manner. Steel hardtails are great, but heavy. Alu hardtails are great, but a bit harsh, Ti hardtails… well.. they can crack a lot. So that leaves carbon, but who is making an aggressive hardtail frame with a super light weight? Just Transition! Especially the 29″ Vanquish stands without peers, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Stock arrives in the UK 2-3 weeks (1st week of May-ish if you are reading this from the future) – as usual for us £100 reserves a frame, Transition Frame Deposit just leave your size and colour in the comments box on checkout or email us.

So what are they?

  • Throttle 27.5″ wheels, clearance for 2.6″ ‘mid chubby’ tyres, 140-150mm fork.
  • Vanquish 29″ wheels, clearance for 2.4″ tyres, 120-130mm fork.

Full details on the Transition site now


Orbea Terra is here! All hail the new king (or queen) of gravel!

Ohhh we have been waiting a long time for this. Today marks the official launch of the new Orbea Terra gravel/cyclocross/adventure/awesome bike, and we are pretty keen to show you what it’s about.

First off some important stuff – we aren’t fans of Fulcrum wheels here in the workshop so for a limited time only ANY Terra purchased through us will have the wheels swapped to a tubeless-ready set of Kinesis CX wheels FOR FREE (and set up tubeless while we are at it). We have a large M31 available in store for sizing and round the block testing, with a medium M21 available for off-road real demo testing within around two weeks. See their product pages for details.  0% Finance available, including the wheel offer. Now onto the finer points..

Orbea have taken everything they have learned manufacturing exceptionally high quality carbon road and mountain bike frames then ported it over to one of our favorite riding genres, gravel/cx adventure whatever you want to call it. We say it’s road riding with less chance of being hit by a car, or mountain biking on a sketchy bike! Either way it’s a hell of a lot of fun, and a great way to get fit.

All Terras feature the same frame and fork built using their ‘OMP’ level carbon, which is their mid way balance between cost and weight. This lets them bring in full bikes starting from £2399, backed up with a full lifetime warranty. We weighed our ‘Large’ M31 bike pictured below at 19lb, and that’s for the base version right from the box.

There are five versions and five stock colour options along with MyO, letting you customise your paint scheme to exactly how you see fit. We have been giving it a little test on the top spec M20i (the ‘i’ stands for Di2!) @ £3999, and yes, it’s a good thing we aren’t bike designers..

The range sits like this. All models have full hydraulic disc brakes:

These are so hot off the press not even the journos have been able to test ride them fully yet, your best chance is to head in to see us and test one for yourself. Here is what we can find from the last 24 hours:

BikeRadar Terra First Look

BikeRumour Terra First Look

Want to see a bit more detail from our display bike?

Get in touch to book a test ride, £200 to reserve a bike (including MyO). 0% finance available.

2017 Orbea Summer Sale – ‘Brexit Beater’

Today marks the triggering of Article 50, meaning we really are going to leave the EU. At pedals we usually try and stay quiet about political stuff, it isn’t our place to comment (unless you come and see us in person..) but we sell Orbea and NS, two great continental brands designing and manufacturing in Europe. We also sell a lot of frames and bikes within the EU. France, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands.. the list goes on!

We are not happy to be leaving Europe.

SO, what do we do? Sit here and moan? (yeah, a bit)

NO! We roll back our Orbea prices to ‘Pre-Farage’. After 23rd June last year the GBP took a bit of a dive, meaning everything that gets imported suddenly becomes a lot more expensive.  Because Orbea manufacture in the EU their prices haven’t risen to the same level as other brands, but on the nice shiny mountain bikes we like it still can mean an extra £200-£500.

All in-stock Orbea prices have been rolled back to the level they were set at for 2017 (sometimes a little better to leave nice round numbers), and any factory upgrades we have added to the bikes are FREE. This is generally M8000 brakes on Occam M30s and 36/X2 upgrades on Rallons.

0% Finance Available up to 18 months, minimum 10% deposit no early repayment charges and larger deposits possible to reduce monthly payments. 

Full lifetime warranty, as with any Orbea. And what about NS? Well, just keep an eye out for our ‘month of gravel’ coming soon..

What we got then? Click here to view them all

2017 Orbea Occam AM M30 Large Green & Large Orange  RRP £3398 Sale Price £2999

27.5″ wheels, 140mm travel, carbon frame, Fox Performance suspension, SLX gear equipment and XT brake upgrade. Amazing reviews, demo bike available!

2017 Orbea Occam AM M10 Large Green & Medium Orange RRP £4399 Sale Price £3999


27.5″ wheels, 140mm travel, carbon frame, Fox Factory suspension XT gear equipment, XT brakes, Raceface finishing kit, dropper post as standard. Even better reviews! Demo bike available!

2017 Orbea Rallon X10 Medium Green RRP £3793 Sale Price £3199

The Rallon needs no introduction, since it’s 2014 re-design awards have been won left right and centre, bringing Orbea to prominence in the UK and firmly establishing them on the enduro race scene. 27.5″ wheels, Fox Factory 36 RC2 and X2 rear shock upgrades FREE, SLX/XT gear equipment, dropper post as standard. Frame fabricated in the EU. Ready to race!

2017 Orbea Occam TR M10 Large Green RRP £4299 Sale Price £3999

Essentially a Transition Smuggler Carbon, before the carbon Smuggler exists! The 29″ wheeled sibling to the Occam AM, and one of the most versatile bikes in the world. Depending on tyre choice you can race XC, win a bikepacking race, ride enduros, or just go out on your bike! 29″ wheels, carbon frame, Fox Factory suspension, XT gear equipment, XT brakes, dropper post as standard.

2017 Orbea Occam AM H30 Small Black/Green RRP £2199 Sale Price £1999

Aluminium version of the Occam M30, featuring Fox Performance suspension, SLX gear equipment and tubeless ready wheels with Shimano brakes. Frame fabricated in the EU!

Salsa Woodsmoke Demo Bike + UK Stock

We are pleased to present our Salsa Woodsmoke Medium demo bike to coincide with the arrival of frames in the UK. This one is a little XC, clocking in at a scant 25.5lbs as seen including flat pedals, mudguard and bottle cage. Using a bit of maths that is 24.5lbs without pedals, pretty amazing with the full 3″ tyres and 40mm internal rims.

For the time being we have fitted it out with a 27.5+ wheelset using 3″ WTB Ranger tyres, but it can also be run with 29″ or 29+, let us know if you want to try either of these and we will try to make it happen!

The frame is great for bikepacking with three sets of bottle cage mount and room for huge frame bags even with the bottles in place, this coupled with the trail friendly geometry and light weight make us pretty keen to get this out for a ride.

Frames are now in the UK and we are taking orders for frames, rolling chassis packages, custom builds or anything in between.

2017 Salsa Woodsmoke Frame

Packages and suggested custom builds will be online soon, in the meantime just get in touch if you want more information or to book a demo.

2017 Salsa Has Landed! UK Stock Now Here

The UK has just received it’s first big delivery of Salsa Cycles frames and bikes, with a really good spread over loads of sizes and models.

As ever these could go fast and we are unsure how many are arriving later in the year so if you are keen get in touch or stick it through the webshop.

Carrying on our ‘brexit beater’ offer we are still offering free shipping within the EU in solidarity with our ‘continental’ chums.

We still have a few 2016 sale frames as well including Pony Rustler/Horsetheif Medium frames for £1550 and an offer full bike at £2999.

Our current demo bike is the Pony Rustler in Medium but we will have a Fargo (also medium) built up with 29×3″ tyres soon enough and a Woodsmoke built with 27.5×3″ that should be very light, these will be ready for testing over the next few weeks.

If you are local to us then we have a constantly rotating display, currently showing Fargo framesets, Woodsmoke framesets, Pony Rustler frames and bikes and a Vaya Claris bike.

View All Salsa 

2017 Salsa Warbird Carbon Frameset

2017 Salsa Mukluk Carbon Frameset

2017 Salsa Cutthroat Frameset

2017 Salsa Pony Rustler Frame (Cream/Orange)

2017 Salsa Fargo Frameset

2017 Salsa Woodsmoke Frame

Race Testing the Orbea Occam TR


Orbea Occam TR M30

After a brief but happy spell with my Yeti ASRc I decided it was time to sell that bike and replace it with something similar but hopefully even better. After discussions with the Pedals guys and also the Orbea rep I decided to order an Orbea Occam TR. As a poor student turned poor graduate I tend to only have one mountain bike at a time and in my search for the ultimate all-rounder a 120mm travel 29er on paper fits the bill best for my type of riding and racing. Nowadays this includes everything from riding big hills and the golfy, to doing laps of trail centres and all the way through to XC events and ultra-distance marathon and bikepacking events. (See my Highland Trail Race Blog for details of my first crack at the ultra-scene : http://pedalsbikecare.co.uk/highland-trail-race-2016/ )

It is more or less a stock M30 build as you can buy from Pedals although I’ve changed to my preferred contact points: ESI chunky foam grips and a Bontrager saddle with titanium rails (and now a Fizik Aliante Saddle). I also had the guys in the shop fit a Rockshox Reverb seatpost, upgrade the brakes from Deore to SLX and put on an Absolute Black 30t oval chainring rather than using the stock double setup. Because I got the bike very early we had to do these changes in the shop whereas normally Orbea offer the opportunity for customers to configure the spec from a range of options so that they can make these sorts of changes when they order the bike. A very useful idea to save you from having a bunch of unwanted new parts lying around after you have swapped on your preferred bits. Other than that I have been using it in its stock setup.

Usefully, I had three events coming up when I got the bike that would give me an opportunity to really put it through its paces: the Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Championships, The Tour de Ben Nevis event (a marathon event with special timed enduro stages that count to the overall) and The Capital Trail (a 150 mile self-supported bike packing event).

Scottish Cross Country Mountain Bike Championship (SXC)

Result: 5th Elite/Expert Male

XC Setup

XC Setup

My background is in XC having raced a lot as an under 16 and under 18, more recently I tend to cherry pick the odd SXC to do each year. This brought me to the start line of the Scottish Cross Country Championships which were being held at Forfar. It was a fun course that had a long smooth climb to start followed by a number of descending and traversing rough sections before finally having a long descent towards the end of the lap. The XC lap utilised a number of descents that had been used in the previous days Enduro event.

When the race started I quickly settled into my rhythm (of sorts) up the first climb. Riders on super light cross country hardtails sprinted off ahead as I focussed on keeping the contents of my stomach in place up the first long smooth climb. On the rough sections I found the bike exceptionally efficient to ride with the suspension fully open and I was able to pedal efficiently whilst seated which allowed me to gain on riders in front. On the prolonged descent I put the saddle down and carried excellent speed and caught riders on every lap, I also received a cheer for “hucking” a grass stepdown in the race HQ field each lap as riders ahead presumably kept the wheels on the ground. The race was held over 5 laps and over the last two laps my speed on the rougher sections of the course were apparent as I caught and went past a rider each lap to move into the top 5.

5th place at the Scottish Championships marked my best ever result in a senior field at a cross country event and I was delighted with how well the bike performed despite not being the sort of bike typically ridden at these events by competitors.

Making use of the dropper post on course! Photo from Courier News – Angus Story.

Possible bike improvements:

Although the bike is extremely competitively weighted at 27.5 lbs as it is, against competitors on 20 -22lbs cross country hardtails I did lose time on the climbs. If I was racing more cross country events I would definitely consider getting a set of race wheels and specific XC race tyres which would likely drop the bikes weight by up to 2 lbs. Also for general riding, lighter does tend to be better, assuming the lighter components are still up to the abuse so when funds allow I may upgrade the wheels.

The bike however was outstanding on the overall majority of the course and saying that it didn’t suit sprinting up fire roads is hardly a criticism at all! It was efficient to pedal, playful on the descents and supremely comfortable. Not as light as a pure xc bike, but I doubt the other competitors could ride their bike down Water World at the Golfy!

No Fuss Events: Tour de Ben Nevis

Result: 1st Senior Men

Marathon Enduro Bike Setup : big mudguard, saddle bag (very enduro) and small rucksack

Marathon Enduro Bike Setup : big mudguard, saddle bag (very enduro) and small rucksack

This event is a bit of a right-of-passage for the all-round mountain biker in Scotland. Described on the No-Fuss events page as:

“The thinking mans (or womans) mountain bike race where all round fitness, strenghth, power, skill, determination are all  bound together with a little bit of strategy and tactics.”

Because of horrifically wet conditions, the route for this year had been swapped to an out and back to avoid a rather high river crossing but included a number of testing stages which were: 1) the overall loop, 2) a descent into Kinlochleven, 3)a climb out of Kinlochleven. The winner would be decided based on an accumulation of position on the 3 stages.

I started the race well and settled into a rhythm along the first tarmac climb before joining the West Highland Way. The last time I had been on the WHW had been in the Highland Trail Race and I enjoyed the difference in speed now that I was riding it fresh and without a loaded bike. I steadily picked off places and made up even more on the descending stage. On the climbing stage I went slightly too easy being unsure where the top was but managed to ride the following rough prolonged traverse very quickly to make up for it and drop some riders who were behind. I wasn’t certain of my position for the overall loop at this stage and thanks to being near the turn was able to count riders coming the other way. 1……2……3…….. I made the discovery I was sitting in 4th place at exactly half distance. On the return leg I was overtaken by one other rider when I stopped to refill my water bottle and laid chase but never quite managed to catch him. Thus I finished the overall loop in 5th place.


How wet? These were my gritty insoles 2 days after the ride.

I reckoned I had ridden consistently over all three stages and was delighted to find out I had taken 2nd overall and 1st place Senior Male after a consistent performance in all stages.

Possible bike improvements:

Errr… Going to have to say none for this one! For an all-round event this was literally the perfect bike. Blown away but how well it carried speed on the rough and wet WHW and it took the climbing and descending stages in its stride. I did not envy competitors on hardtails or with wimpy xc tyre setups!

Capital Trail

Result: 1st place overall

This was going to be the big un’, my second really quite long distance event of the year. It is the sort of event that when you tell the majority of folk about it their eyes glaze over and they politely nod before quickly forgetting everything you have said. It is definitely a little silly, but also a lot of fun and a good way to really test yourself. It is organised by the enigmatic Markus Stitz who recently finished riding around the world single-speed. Here is the website for those interested: http://markusstitz.com/capital-trail/

I lined up with about 50 of the other crazies who had signed up. The start was on the beach in Portobello at 7am. The call to start was followed by a surprisingly fast opening section and before I knew it I desperately trying to remove my primaloft pullover jacket riding no hands as I was rapidly overheating. I quickly settled into a rhythm alongside Huw Oliver, a fellow finisher of the Highland Trail Race and we steadily worked our way through the field. The early miles ticked by and we were briefly joined by David King and then Martin Graeme who both sped off ahead at different points. We worked out we were in 3rd and 4th place but with well over 100 miles to go we put it out of our heads and focussed on riding at our own very evenly matched temp. Huw was my companion for almost 2/3rds of the ride and I immensely enjoyed his chat and world views whilst also occasionally worrying I couldn’t match him on the climbs or the descents of the route as he was riding immensely strongly!


Ready to race as the sun is coming up

The miles ticked by uneventfully with a neutralised toilet stop in one town and a shop raid in another and it didn’t seem long before we were past the halfway point and I was feeling surprisingly strong still. On the climb and hike a bike up to Gypsy Glen disaster struck however and I suddenly only had 3 working gears. A quick inspection showed my shifter was acting up and no amount of looking was revealing any obvious problems and it seemed internal gremlins had been doing some damage.I decided to ride on 3 speed reckoning it was better than having only one gear and planned to try to get a shifter in Peebles or at Glentress. Huw and I were joined by David Jones at this point although the three of us separated on the final parts of the climb. I had gotten used to my 3 speed setup by the time I had climbed descended and traversed my way to Peebles so reckoned riding with three gears would be quicker than stopping and getting a new shifter so I bypassed the Peebles bike shop. After a quick lap of Glentress (quick considering the 100 ish miles of off road in the legs) I was heading along the cyclepath back to Peebles when I went to change gear only to find I was missing half my shifter. At this point it would be understandable to have spat the dummy but for whatever reason I managed to shrug it off and remained positive. Down to one gear and now with no chance to replace it as the shops were now shut I remained surprisingly confident I could still finish the ride. In my head I had 30 miles to go which would take me to the top of the Pentlands, and the end of the significant climbing of the ride, before a 20 mile run in back to Portobello.


Photo taken by Huw up the Three Brethren

I chatted with David who had just caught me but he went elsewhere for food in Peebles to me and I assumed I would meet him and Huw on the next section. After a shop stop I was on my way riding single-speed having set the bike up in the middle gear (having made the assumption single-speeders just ride in a middle gear!?). By this point it was dark so I was enjoying the night riding and had some music going so my positive mood remained despite having to walk up the steep hills. Full suspension bikes are not very efficient as single-speeds!  I was on familiar bridleways and fire-roads and could see tyre marks in the grass so assumed Huw and David were ahead having overtaken me whilst I was in the shop and I tried my best to catch them up. However, West Linton arrived and I still had not caught them so I ascended the Pentlands alone. Finally I caught site of some lights up ahead but was greeted by a random cyclist out for a spin in the Pentlands rather than familiar face. I gave up on the idea of catching them at this point assuming I had been going slower than I had thought in my one gear.

At the top of the last hill in the Pentlands I let a little bit of cable through at the derailleur to put myself into a bigger gear and made quick work of the following sections that took me down to Cramond. The route went amusingly close to my house but I had the coastal side of Edinburgh to pedal around before the end of the ride. I arrived in Portobello at the finish to a deserted front in the dark. I took a photo of my Garmin and saved the ride file and after pedalling around looking for Huw and David decided they must have headed to a Pub or Chippy and I wouldn’t find them. I phoned my brother for a quick chat and decided to head back to my mates house in Leith where I had arranged to stay. However, part way back to Leith I finally met my familiar faces. Huw and David had been behind the entire time! We had a quick laugh (a shell shocked-exhausted  laugh) before going our separate ways and I eventually made it to the flat after dodging a few wobblies who were walking away from the pubs at the bottom of Leith Walk.

The following day I travelled back to the finish to sit in the café and chat to other riders. Reunited with my ride companion Huw we emptied the café of food, tea and coffee and I learnt that Martin Graeme, who I thought was ahead had scratched (pulled out) around halfway which put me up into 2nd place. I then learnt the following day that David King had also scratched at halfway and as such I had actually been first back. Event organiser Markus confirmed later in the week that I was the first place finisher for the 2016 event with a time of 17 hours 25 minutes.

The fantastic event video by Markus:

Possible Bike Improvements:

A non-faulty shifter would have been nice but I managed fine with one gear although my knees hurt for several days after the event! Again it is very hard to pick anything major. For bike packing events a lot of folk ride plus bikes or rigid steel bikes but I love having a modern mountain bike. Carbon with 1×11 and a dropper seat post is the way most modern bikes are going and there is an obvious reason for this I think – it makes for a fast bike! Ultimately the fastest bike for this sort of riding is the bike you ride the most anyway. At the end of the day it is just mountain biking but for a much longer time. The Occam TR was extremely comfortable to ride and I found it more comfortable for the long miles than the old Yeti which had a racier more aggressive riding position. It was also very efficient over the rough ground which I definitely benefitted from as the ride went on reducing general body fatigue. Similar to cross country racing, having a lighter set of wheels would help the bike for the climbing sections but my bike was loaded up with bike packing bags filled with food, emergency shelter and spares so the bike felt heavier than normal anyway. Ultra-light, although nice, is not really the priority.

Final thoughts:

Orbea have really knocked this one out of the park in my opinion. For my needs it is hard to think of a bike better suited for all round mountain bike riding and racing. If you want an efficient and fun all round trail bike or fancy a bit of racing but don’t want to pidgeon-hole your riding this is the one for you. It is available in a range of specs and also there is the Occam AM model with 650b wheels and 140 travel so it is really a case of picking your flavour and working within your budget to pick the spec with the Orbea specification customizer. I am already excited to plan for 2017 and what my bike and I will be doing!

Banshee 2017 – Rune and Prime

Bucking the trend for 2017 Banshee have not only made loads of improvements to their frames bringing in the strongest lineup ever but also managed to lower their pricing, in what we (and no one else) is calling the Banshee Brexit Beater.

The first frames to arrive will be the Rune and Prime – but what do you need to know? The RRP for both frames including shock is now £1649, cheaper than last year, and cheaper than many frames from bigger brands.

Both frames now have new hyrdroformed top tubes and down tubes, giving much cleaner lines, stronger frames and lighter weight. Twinned with the new simplified two position dropouts these are the lightest Banshee frames ever.

Rune Changes:

  • Seat tube now 31.6 for more dropper post compatibility
  • Shorter seat tube and more standover
  • 12×142 or 12×148 Boost
  • Still 26″ or 27.5″
  • Hydroformed tubeset
  • Refined dropouts

Prime Changes:

  • Seat tube now 31.6
  • Shorter seat tube, more standover
  • 12×142 or 12×148 Boost
  • 29″, 27.5+, 29+ (with ‘650b’ dropouts)
  • Hydroformed tubeset
  • Longer reach
  • Slacker head angle
  • Lower BB
  • Added awesome

We are still waiting for final details on the Spitfire and Phantom, but these will be out and updated soon. In the meantime we are taking pre-orders for all frames, call us on 0131 629 6065 or send an email, facebook message or smoke signals to find out more.


2016 Salsa Sale Bikes & Frames

Ho Ho Ho it’s just past Halloween so it must be nearly CHRISTMAS! Bah. It’s Salsa 2016 Bike and Frame Sale O’clock..

Cheer yourself up with some cheap Salsa action – we finally managed to get them in shop here at planet Pedals and even bagged some end of season deals to start things off. What’s good I hear you ask?

This thing, oh this thing is good. Firstly we need to clear up that this frame is exactly the same as the Pony Rustler frame pictured above – it’s just the colour. Both take 29″ or 27.5×3.0+. It also happens to be a very fast and very very fun bike. The picture at the top of our page is the demo bike, and a great example of the kind of custom builds we can do.



Look at it, just look.. so sleek and black, surprisingly light with that carbon fork to boot! This is the perfect adventure commuter or fast bike packer, essentially a drop bar mountain bike but capable of a lot more as well. The fork alone retails for just shy of £600, so at £699 this is the base for that ‘N+1’ you have been looking for..



A staple of Salsas lineup, the Vaya is the narrow tyred brother to the Fargo. Slicks or knobblies up to 40mm, you could build light for town use or heavy for long tours. This bike will see you through the years!

Keep an eye out for our Marrakesh Flat Bar full builds, we are currently putting together our own version with full hydraulic discs and wide range 3×9 gearing for fully loaded world touring or just a lovely everyday bike. On sale soon for £899!