Basic Service

Basic Service – £40 - Our most common service, you should be aiming to have Basic Service at least once a year.

♦ Cleaning and lubricating all moving parts
♦ Check movement of individual parts & check for frame damage
♦ Check all nuts and bolts for correct tightness
♦ Inspect and replace cables where needed (cables not included)
♦ Check and set brakes – replacing pads if needed (pads not included)
♦ Check and index the gears – replacing chains, cassettes/freewheel if needed (parts not included)
♦ Inflate tyres to recommended pressure
♦ Align bars/stem/brake levers/saddle

To keep it fair, if a lot of new parts are being fitted during a basic service then extra labour will be added, this will be in line with the extra time used and discussed on booking. We are more than happy to fit parts supplied elsewhere, but the fitting charge is slightly higher.