Full commuter service

Full Service – £85 - Full bike strip to frame and rebuild.

♦ Cleaning and lubricating all moving parts
♦ Check movement of individual parts & check for frame damage
♦ Remove and refit all parts
♦ Hubs serviced and wheels trued, headset serviced
♦ All cables replaced (parts not included)
♦ Check and set brakes – replacing pads if needed
♦ Check and index the gears – replacing chains, cassettes/freewheel if needed (parts not included)
♦ Inflate tyres to recommended pressure
♦ Align bars/stem/brake levers/saddle

In addition to Standard Service...

♦ Bike is stripped down of all components to the bare frame
♦ All parts cleaned and inspected, then re-lubed, re-fitted and adjusted.

This is the best option if you want to give your bike the highest care possible, or if you are having a lot of parts fitted as there is no extra labour, except for suspension/pivot services.