Rondo Ruut Stock + UK Demo Bikes

It has seemed like a long wait since we first laid eyes on the new Rondo bike ranage. If you haven’t seen our posts about these before they are a new brand from the brains of the NS Bikes owner Szymond, Polish producers of some of the finest dirt jump and trail mountain bikes around, that we just happen to be big fans of.. I got my first NS nearly 10 years ago!

When we saw their NS RAG+ gravel/adventure bike we knew it was going to be a lot of fun. Light alu frame, carbon fork, SRAM 1x wide range gearing and dual 700×40 and 27.5×2.2 wheel and tyre size options. Perfect. So, we all bought them. There are four people currently working or riding for our small shop, and we all have one! Two in stock 700×40, two in 27.5×2.2 with mountain bike tyres.

Then they announced Rondo, a new gravel focused brand to really show off their skills at designing great drop bar bikes. Four bikes, three frame materials, all share the same carbon fork and geometry.

Everything is available with 0% deposit, just get in touch on 0131 629 6065 or send us a message.

Grit CX have just been over to Poland for a first ride (thanks for some pictures, sorry, they were really good!) so make sure to click through and have a read, although their prices are wrong. Our order form has them cheaper 😉

Grit CX Rondo First Ride

We have the bikes up on our web shop with first delivery in 4-6 weeks (‘September’):

Rondo Bikes

And you can place a deposit to reserve with our bike deposit item:

Rondo Bike Deposit

Aluminum – £1599

Very much a tweaked version of the NS RAG frame, with improved cable routing, updated build kit and the new fork. Plus that paint job looks so so good! Tiny bit cheaper than the RAG.

Steel – £1999 Frameset £999

Borrowing everything NS know about making a great steel frame and using the Rondo geometry to make a fantastic adventure bike. Using Tange tubing they have a solid track record of making fantastic steel bikes at a good weight, this is sure to be a winner for people aiming at more compliance than the alu but a little more workhorse than the dreamy dainty carbon build. Also features Salsa-style anything cage mounts on the downtube, ace!

Carbon CF2 £2599 CF1 £3199 Frameset £1700

Bikes like these are crying out for the smooth ride and light weight of a carbon fibre frame, but that usually comes at a high cost like the (amazing!) Salsa Warbird frameset at £2000. With the CF2 at £2599, while it isn’t quite in the cycle to work bracket it’s certainly a little more attainable, and it certainly doesn’t sacrifice quality to get there. These are really nice frames, super light and very well finished, and may well form the basis of our test bikes.


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