Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 90


  • Altitude Powerplay
  • Carbon 90
  • Large
  • Colour 1
  • 0% Finance Available
  • Delivery September or December

Available on backorder


The top end Altitude Powerplay from Rocky Mountain, the Carbon 90 is the best of the best. Full spec can be seen here – Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay Carbon 90

For the UK available Colour 1 in Large only, pre order as these will go quick!

Pinkbike say:

“Like all the EMTB’s I have tested to date, the added weight gives a planted feeling on the trail that is out of reach of a conventional bike, along with improved suspension action and massive grip levels. I don’t think the weight is a real issue on the trail, after a few E-rides, strength builds and I find myself doing nearly everything the same as when I’m on a normal bike when changing line, hopping and even nose wheelies into switchbacks. Weight is a non-issue going back up, as the effort needed to climb these bikes is less that of an 8kg XC race whippet. I find myself repeating sections over and over that I would never bother to pedal back up to normally.

One of the best things about an EMTB? Climbing is much easier so you challenge yourself to ride up the steepest things you can see. Climbing trail that you would on a normal bike is a breeze on the Powerplay, but heading up the vert, a huge amount of body language is needed to keep the front end down; super-short 425mm chainstays, a not-super-steep 74º seat angle and an extra 300 watts of tireless power does mean you are riding a wheelie machine. Changing into a lower power mode did calm this down, but the limiting factor seems to be the geometry over the power – maybe I am just too lanky and my seat gets too high?

Overall, Rocky seem to have built a solid, well thought out machine. Time will be it’s judge as we take the Altitude Powerplay for back-to-back testing against other systems and bikes on the market. We’ll be watching as this quickly evolving market move forwards.”