Transition Scout Demo Bike

The Scout Demo Has Landed!

OK, so it isn’t the right build kit, but it’s close. This is our ‘stand in’ demo bike build while we wait for the full kit to arrive. Very close to the standard Transition build with XO1 etc but for now with 2015 Fox 34s. The ride height is bang on the same as 150mm Pikes, so the head angle will be a little slacker than quoted. But that’s no bad thing right? Well, find out for yourself.

We already have quite a few people booked on this so spaces over the next few weeks are a bit limited, but get in touch if you are interested and we will try to fit you in.

Total weight as seen including the DMR Vault pedals is 29.5lbs/13.3kg, not bad for something so enduro-capable. We will update over the next few days once we have this ridden and tested.

This makes our current demo bike list for Edinburgh:

  • Banshee Spitfire Medium
  • Banshee Phantom Medium
  • Transition Scout Medium
  • Yeti SB5c Medium

Scout Demo Bike X01 Transition Scout Demo Bike X01Scout Demo Bike Frame

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