Welcome Guerrilla Gravity to the UK!

We are really pleased to welcome Guerrilla Gravity to our collection of bike brands! This is a big one, and we couldn’t be more excited to get them in the shop and under riders bums. But why? What’s special? Well, loads to be honest. From the manufacturing, frame materials, linkage design, geometry changes and sizing…

Don’t care about our rambling? Want to know what we have coming in? First two bikes being delivered is one The Smash long travel 29er and one Megatrail long travel 27.5″, these are both our demo bikes and should be ready to ride before the xmas break (that is quite soon, even if you don’t want it to be!) Limited stock will follow in the new year, and we have three sizes of both Smash and Megatrail frames coming in, with a choice of black or orange decals and either Fox DPX2 Performance Elite or MRP Hazzard Coil shocks. These are online already and can be found here:

Guerrilla Gravity UK Stock 

Guerrilla Gravity Frame Deposit £250

Guerrilla Gravity The Smash & MRP Hazzard Coil Orange £2850

Guerrilla Gravity Megatrail & DPX2 Black Me Out £2750

So who are they and what’s the big deal?

  • True Made-in-USA frame with carbon front end
  • Adjustable reach
  • Adjustable rear travel or suspension feel
  • Modular frame platform
  • Progressive geometry
  • Plays very well with coil
  • Coil options out of the gate
  • Fantastic value
  • Frame inc DPX2 P/E – £2750
  • Frame inc MRP Hazzard Coil – £2850
  • Water bottle
  • Integrated loop storage

One of the best overviews we have found was done by bicycling.com, linked below. They say:

The revolution is being staged from a non-descript brick building on a gritty industrial block in Denver. The insurgents share a parking lot with a CrossFit gym. But you can tell which trucks are theirs by the tailgate pads. From beyond the lot’s chainlink fence, you can see the Mile High Stadium; across the street, a noise barrier for I-25.

This is the modest home of a 13-person company that says it has beat Trek, Specialized, and Giant to a new technology—and figured out how to do something those companies have not: manufacture a carbon mountain bike frame in the USA, and sell it for less than bikes made overseas.

The company calls itself Guerrilla Gravity, and its claims are bold: Their new carbon fiber material and manufacturing process, collectively called Revved, enables them to automate much of the layup process—a step typically done by hand—which decreases labor by 80 percent. They can bake a frame in 30 minutes, compared to the two to four hours they say it takes competitors. Their carbon is 300 percent tougher than the industry standard. And they’ve cut what they say is a 24 to 48-hour process down to 8.

The bikes employ a revolutionary “modular frame platform” design inspired by racecar engineering. A racing team, instead of building multiple cars for multiple tracks and conditions, engineers one vehicle with interchangeable components that can be optimized for each track. All four of Guerrilla’s new carbon mountain bikes—from the short-travel trail to the all-mountain model—use the same front triangle. Riders can convert their frame to any of the other models with a new shock and one of Guerilla’s “seatstay tuning kits,” sold separately.

President and co-founder Will Montague, 33, believes their new carbon technology proves that it can be cheaper and more efficient to build a mountain bike frame in the U.S. from U.S.-made materials, compared to the industry-wide model of outsourcing to Asia. Despite the shop’s small size, Montague’s has been dreaming big for years. In a 2015 interview with The Denver Post, Montague was less circumspect about his intentions: “We want to go toe-to-toe with those big guys.”

Get the full low down here – bicycling.com Guerrilla Gravity Overview


So how do you get a frame or bike in the UK then? If you can make it to the Tweed Valley and want to book a demo, get in touch! We have a Smash and Megatrail arriving in time for xmas break testing. Both Size 3, so 465-475ish Reach.

We have our first delivery of frames arriving in Jan 2020, these are a mix of Megatrail and Smash frames in sizes 2, 3 and 4. Kept it simple and just went with a mix of black stealth and orange decals, with both Fox DPX2 Performance Elite and MRP Hazzard Coils.

These are available as just a frame and shock for home builds, or a frame/fork combo, rolling chassis or full bike. The packages will be online as we get closer to the arrival date, but one key combo for us is the ‘Colorado Coiler’ – so GG are from Colorado, MRP are from Colorado. These bikes ride great with coils, MRP make great coils. So there will be packages available with the MRP Hazzard and Ribbon Coil – so you can get that plush ride straight out of the box.

If you fancy something we don’t bring in that’s no problem at all, we can special order anything you fancy. These do carry pretty long lead times so it’s not for the impatient folk, but if you are willing to wait we can get it in. Just get in touch for a chat if you don’t see what you want. We might be able to create it from current stock, or can get it ordered for you.

Even within what we have here there is plenty of scope to mix it up with the modular frame platform. Most obvious being the MegaSmash (secret menu… shhh!).

This is essentially the Megatrail frame but with the lower stack headset cup fitted, then using a long travel 29er fork and wheel up front giving the latest in mullet glory.




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